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Getting in shape and changing diet

Cake is my favorite dessert.

It is not good for me.

When I was younger, I baked a lot of cakes. My mom and dad lived having something sweet for dessert every night. I grew up thinking it was a necessary conclusion to dinner. I liked having dessert before bed. I was severely overweight by the time I graduated from high school. I steadily gained more weight during my years of college. A couple years after graduation, I wasn’t feeling well. I was having problems with blood pressure and heart disease. The doctor strongly urged me to lose some weight and start a healthier diet plan. I knew I needed to give up cake and all the sweets I was eating. I needed to quit relying on fast food for easy meals. I needed a change in lifestyle because I didn’t want to die from a heart attack. I decided to start exercising to compensate for my diet. I joined a fitness center and signed up for group training classes. I am attending a spin class for beginners. The trainer is wonderful. She is very motivational and supportive. She guides us through various levels of intensity and resistance. We’re often required to stand up on the pedals. At first, I had difficulty following along. I’d need to take breaks. I’m now able to make it through the entire session. Although I’m drenched with sweat, I feel great afterward. I’ve also realized that after working that hard to burn calories, I don’t want to ruin my progress. The cake isn’t worth it. I’ve changed my diet and become a vegetarian. I stick with healthy fruits, vegetables, egg whites and nuts. I eat a lot of tofu and quinoa. I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight. I look and feel better than ever. My doctor is super impressed with my progress. I no longer have issues with blood pressure.

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