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Opening fitness center back up and taking precautions

I have been dreading the day when we reopen for business.

Some local businesses are already open with limited capacity.

The workers and customers are required to wear a mask. I manage a fitness center that is typically open 24 hours a day. Our doors have been closed for several months due to the coronavirus threat. During that time, we’ve been forced to lay off the majority of our staff. We have kept only a very small small crew of employees to handle cleaning and maintenance. We weren’t positive that we’d ever be able to open the doors again. Thankfully, the virus numbers are steadily going down. Things are starting to look promising for our future. In three weeks, we will finally be able to open the fitness center again. However, we’re required to restrict our capacity to one third. Other states have reopened sooner than we have. The bars, gyms, salons and restaurants have proven to be a hotspot for virus transmission. I want to be sure that all the clients using our facility are safe. I want to stay open for business and move forward. I installed several indoor air cleaners that are installed strategically around the building. The air cleaners work with the HVAC system and are incorporated into the ductwork. They sanitize the air as it passes through, trapping allergens and killing contaminants such as viruses and bacteria. They are proven effective against all different types of pathogens. I also have set up several hand sanitizer stations. They are available in different areas around the gym. I hope our clients will make use of the hand sanitizer and also be good about wiping the equipment down. We plan to sanitize all machines every hour. We’re taking every precaution to create a clean, healthy and safe place for people to workout. We cannot withstand another shutdown. We simply can’t afford to continue without an income. We’re not positive that a one-third capacity will be enough to sustain us for very long.

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