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Amenities of the gym is worth the membership fee

My yearly gym membership is rather expensive.

Whenever I see the charge on my credit card bill, I get a bit frustrated.

I always consider dropping out of the gym. I think about how much money I’d save by simply working out at home. Plus, I’d avoid the travel time of going to and from the gym. However, I’d be giving up a tone of amenities. While I have a bit of workout equipment at home, I certainly can’t afford the variety of options provided by the gym. At the gym, there’s row after row of cardio machines, including ellipticals, rowing machines, stationary bikes and stairmasters. They have all the latest options, with most of the machines featuring big touch screens where I can watch movies and television. I can even set up a program where I’m bicycling through Paris, climbing the steps to Neuschwanstein or running the paths of Central Park. There are so many machines that I never need to wait in line to use the style I want. There’s also machines that are dedicated to strength building. Each one targets a different muscle group so that I can work on abdominals, biceps, tripes, shoulders, back or thighs. The gym offers a swimming pool where I can spend my workout doing laps. There’s a sauna, hot tub and a steam room where I can relax after the workout. I can also sign up for a wide range of group fitness classes. They offer spin classes, yoga, pilates, boot camp and crossfit at all different times and days of the week. With the accessibility of so many options, I know the cost of membership is worth it

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