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He doesn’t understand the importance of air filters

I have a cousin who is a superb guy in general, but he does have one fatal flaw.

He does not seem to adore taking care of his Heating plus A/C unit or making sure he has the best air quality to breathe.

I care about my cousin a lot, but no matter how much I explain that it does not hurt to call up the Heating plus A/C company every once in a while or make sure his Heating plus A/C idea is running at full capacity, he doesn’t care. It’s not that big of a chore to change the air filters every so often & sometimes invest in the fancy ones! I remember asking him what kind of air filters he bought, & he just shrugged like it wasn’t important. It was a big deal to me though because I was having a strenuous time breathing when I visited his home! I also observed a bunch of dust floating around & I knew the air quality was awful. When I asked him if I could examine his air filter, he didn’t seem to care. Again, he didn’t understand what the big deal was, and when I pulled out the air filter, that’s when he noticed what I was talking about. Immediately, he swore that he changed the air filter recently. However, the air filter was caked with dirt & debris, which said otherwise. It was a cheap fiberglass air filter that you can easily see through normally, but it was clogged that it was opaque. I told my cousin that he couldn’t just neglect the Heating plus A/C unit by not replacing the air filters on time or using quality air filters. I told him it would shorten the lifespan of his Heating plus A/C system. He did end up using higher quality air filters after that, but I still don’t know how often he replaces them.

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