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Need to get in shape for career

It’s always been my dream to become successful as a professional singer.

I’ve belonged to various bands since I was thirteen years old.

I’ve competed in battles of the bands and talent competitions all over the country. I’ve won awards and sang at bars, weddings and performed the national anthem at professional sporting events. When my band started gaining popularity and momentum across our local area, we were finally able to secure representation from an agent. He helped us refine our local, better market our band and get signed to a label. He told me that as the lead singer and face of the band, I needed to look my best. He told me straight out that I needed to drop some weight and recommended that I meet with a nutritionist and a personal trainer. At first, I was a bit insulted. It aggravated me that how I look is more important than my talent and work ethic. However, presentation is a big part of the music industry. I was also willing to do just about anything to succeed. So I consulted with a nutritionist who customized a diet plan for me. I needed to cut out carbohydrates, processed foods, coffee and sugar. I started working out with a personal trainer four times per week. Losing weight and getting healthy has made a difference in every aspect of my life. I feel stronger and more confident. I have more stamina, less fatigue and can handle long hours and lots of travel. As I’ve achieved my fitness goals, my band has gotten more attention.