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Setting up a home gym takes a while

When I was younger, I always belonged to the local gym. I enjoyed having access to such a broad variety of equipment, amenities and group classes. I didn’t mind making the drive and spending hours on my fitness regiment. All of that changed one I had kids. With three children under the age of 6, I no longer had the time to devote to the gym. I needed to figure out a way to handle my workouts as quickly and conveniently as possible. I certainly wasn’t going to hire a babysitter in order to exercise. The solution was to set up a home gym. This turned out to be more of a challenge than I originally expected. I didn’t realize how expensive fitness equipment is. At first, I was only able to afford the most basic gear. I bought myself a yoga mat, a set of free weights and jump rope. I managed as best I could. I began saving my money to buy more equipment. For every birthday, anniversary, Christmas and mother’s day, I asked for workout stuff. I’ve gradually added a weight bench, treadmill, stationary bike, weighted balls and resistance bands to my inventory. I might not have as much to choose from as a commercial gym, but I have enough equipment to get a good workout. Plus, I can workout at any time of the day or night. I’ve added a play area in a corner of my home gym so that the kids can join me. I’m hoping that as my kids see me making my fitness a priority, they will learn healthy habits.

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