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She doesn’t take care of her air filters

I have a friend who is a good person, but she does have one big flaw.

She doesn’t appreciate taking care of her Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan or making sure her air quality is acceptable.

I love the girl to death, but no matter how often I tell her to call the Heating as well as Air Conditioning company to make sure her Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan is running efficiently, she just doesn’t care. It isn’t a chore to replace her air filters every so often as well as purchase the better ones! I remember asking my friend what kind of air filters she was using, as well as she just shrugged it off because she didn’t know. This concerned me because I was having a difficult time breathing in her home! I also noticed that there was a bunch of dust floating around as well as the air quality was awful. When I asked her if I could look at her air filter, she didn’t seem to care, because she didn’t understand the situation. When I pulled out the air filter, that’s when she finally saw what I was talking about! She said she swore that she replaced the air filter the other week. However, the air filter was caked with dirt as well as debris, as well as it was a cheap fiberglass air filter that you could normally see through. However, this one was obstructed. I told my friend that she couldn’t neglect her Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan by forgetting the air filters or using cheap filters. I told her it would shorten the life of her Heating as well as the Air Conditioning plan. She did end up using higher quality air filters, although I still do not know if she changes them enough.

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