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Coworker saves our butt plus pays for the appointment

I have never been someone who had any system how to maintain a purely adult lifestyle.

  • I don’t want to say that I snorted a lot of drugs growing up, but our brain certainly has not recovered from our hard-lived teenage years.

This is why I am consistently glad to accept help from the people around me who are better about handling adult responsibilities than I am. Thank God, my coworker is 1 of the most responsible adults I have ever known. He has been so smart about all of our air quality control drama since I have moved into this house. To be upfront, I don’t have any understanding of the first thing about Indoor air temperature control systems, indoor air quality control, or HVAC upkeep. Nobody ever taught me about maintaining an oil furnace or air conditioner plan when I was with my first family. I wasn’t even allowed to lay a finger on the central heating, cooling, plus ventilation system when I was a kid, all the way down to the dial temperature control in the hallway. As such, I actually don’t know anything about modern temperature control devices as a grown-up. This is why I had a loud, alarming heating plus cooling plan operating in our lake house for years. The thing was perpetually creating hot spots throughout the lake house plus driving up our energy bills. I mentioned the temperature control concerns to our neighbor 1 day plus was so flabbergasted and taken aback when he told me to reach out to a heating, cooling, plus ventilation repair service. I didn’t know how plus I had no money at all to pay for the HVAC service. Bless our coworker, for paying off the HVAC bill.

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