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The abandoned AC

I genuinely ask how nature takes back what is hers.

For example, I know there are a lot of abandoned buildings in my town.

You can find a beach house or even a seasoned shop all boarded up just about every mile or so. Some people find them to be creepy when left alone. I prefer them. Nature slowly starts to reuse these seasoned houses until there is literally nothing left of them anymore. Some of the ones in my part are nothing but a collapsed roof sitting on top of rubble, then clothes have nothing left but a set of brick stairs leading nowhere at all. However, there is this one abandoned beach house that I do find a little bit creepy. That is genuinely because the air conditioner is still running. The beach house has been abandoned for at least 12 years now but every time I walk by it I can hear the air conditioning system blasting away inside. At first I thought that maybe somebody still lived there despite the fact that I realize for sure that they don’t. The roof is missing a bunch of shingles, numerous windows already have been broken, as well as I can see inside. The locale has been trashed. I am too much of a scared little chicken to go inside of the seasoned house. However, I have walked onto the porch. I could feel the cool air from the air conditioning system coming out of the window as well as I can tell no one currently lives there anymore. I recognize someone must be still paying the electric bill though. It must be a strong air conditioner to work so long without official service. I will be anxious whenever it finally dies too. But, as I said, nature will win in the end.

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