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The bathroom matters to her

My dog hates the heat.

She is a big, fuzzy husky that we adopted as well as she was bred for sub-zero hot as well as cold temperatures; No wonder she totally hates the temperature out here in the desert.

Huskies are supposed to be dogs with near-boundless energy. That is part of my girl but only when it is cool outside. If it is hot then you might as well forget it entirely. She doesn’t want to do anything besides stay indoor near an air conditioner vent. I actually can’t say that I blame the pooch. If I were wearing a large fur coat I wouldn’t want to run around outside in the heat either. The two of us recently moved to a new house. Of course the dog came with us, because all of us are a family. I wasn’t sure she would as if this new beach house though, as the air conditioner vents are all on the ceiling. There are no vents on the floor as if there were in our other house. This did not turn out to be an issue. That is because the dog found an even better locale for her to cool down: the floor in the half bathroom. When the air conditioner is on it is regularly freezing in that bathroom. It is uncomfortably cold. It seems that my dog has deemed that bathroom to be her own personal ice cave for the season. She practically lives there all of the time as well as enjoys the super freezing air conditioned air. Well, that works for me.


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