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The fireplace does something for me

I ended up giving the thing away

I only ever learn from thick novels in the winter. I have tried learning year round. After all, I prefer books as well as genuinely do tend to enjoy a wonderful novel. But I just can’t do it. I don’t suppose it is because it is hard to hang around completely still as if that when it is nice outside or if it is the fireplace that makes myself and others essentially only want to learn in the winter. I guess it is the fireplace though. There is something nice about standing in front of a fireplace as well as learning from a wonderful book for fourths on end while the snow falls outside as well as the wood crackles in the middle of the hearth. That is an experience that just can’t be replicated. Trust me; I have tried. One recent Summer I bought a little fake fireplace from a discount store. It had a fake flame, fake wood, as well as a space furnace attached. I bought it because I thought that I could turn off the oil furnace part while still enjoying the fake flames. I was hoping that this would inspire myself and others to learn more in the Summer months. It didn’t. In fact, the fake fireplace just made myself and others mad. The fake flames moved in a repetitive pattern, it didn’t make that crackling sound that I prefer, as well as it had no smokey stink. I ended up giving the thing away. So now I am pleased to just wait a while until Winter to do all of my learning. I really began hoarding books in anticipation of learning them in front of my real fireplace.

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