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The heated floor wins

My mom was genuinely happy to be able to transport life closer to her grandbabies.

She has been talking about moving near us ever since our oldest was born.

That was roughly 5 years ago. I never thought she would really do it though. But, she did. I helped her find a brand new beach house once it was clear she was really going to make the transport this time. I even found a nice little beach house only a mile from our house. The only thing I didn’t appreciate was the oil furnace. It has a seasoned hydronic oil furnace with radiant heat. I remember my middle school had those types of heaters. There were radiators in every classroom as well as they got genuinely hot all the time. As my mom is getting older I felt that that sort of heat might be dangerous for her. What if she somehow accidentally left a book on one of the radiators? So I was about to disregard that loft until I finally found out that you can use the hydronic oil furnace to heat radiant floors instead of radiators in your home. It is still radiant heat but it is much safer. I talked to my Dad about all of this as well as she was on board. She likes the little beach house although she hates the flooring anyway. She is also not a fan of having large radiators all throughout the house. She told myself and others she actually has regularly wanted heated flooring though. So I got in touch with a boiler business as well and they came out as well as quickly installed the heated floor, but my mom moves in in a month as well as all of us are all genuinely gleeful for the move.

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