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Going to a party that had radiant heated floors made me realize I needed that in my life

It was funny because I was just relaxing at this party where they had radiant heated floors.

The heating system was more comfortable than any heating system I had ever experienced before.

I was kind of wasted and I kept telling total strangers how amazing the radiant heated floors were and I wanted to get them. People were telling me that I should go for a new heating system like that, and I said I definitely was going to. Even when I got back home and slept through the night, I woke up thinking about those radiant heated floors. I thought maybe it was something that I wouldn’t remember, but just thinking about those radiant heated floors made me want to go back to that house where the party was. I ended up going there and I asked the owner if he remembered me. He smiled and said he did and he welcomed me inside. I helped him clean up as the whole place was not cleaned altogether yet. I just enjoyed feeling the radiant heated floors again and I asked the guy all kinds of questions like what HVAC company he went through and how much they cost. The cost was a little bit overwhelming, but I was determined to save up enough money to get my own radiant heated floors. It’s just crazy that before the party, I never even thought I had an issue with my own heating system. My heating system was kind of old though and it would only be right to go for something more energy efficient, and comfortable!

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