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How to make sure your home is energy efficient in the winter

Many homes, especially older ones, tend to have places where the heat can literally escape from your home in the winter.

Many of these leaks are caused by wear and tear, or simply because of outdated building materials.

One of the main places where heat can leak out of homes is through rotted or worn weather stripping. Over time, opening and closing of doors will begin to wear down the seals underneath, leaving small gaps where the warm air can leak out of your home, causing your furnace to work harder to heat your home and drive up your energy bills. Your local HVAC contractor will be able to inspect these seals and tell you what needs to be replaced in order to make your home more efficient. Another main way where homes lose heating efficiency is through single pane windows. MAny older homes were built with single pane windows, and aluminum window frames, which are incredibly energy efficient. Double pane windows create an insulating pocket of air, which is better for keeping the warm air inside of the house. Vinyl and wooden window frames are also better at insulating your home, as they help to keep the treated air from being lost to the cold air outside. Contact your local HVAC professional today to see what upgrades can be made to your home in order to increase your energy efficiency. A few small upgrades can potentially save you hundreds of dollars each month on your energy bills. You would be surprised how many ways your money can literally be flying through the cracks of your home, especially if it is older than 20 years old.

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