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I’m not leaving the AC now

Last Summer, some friends plus I decided to take a quick trip to the beach.

Every one of us woke up before the sunrise, filled my car with drinks, snacks, plus a bunch of our preferred music plus podcasts, plus hit the road. The drive went by super quickly, plus every one of us had a good time along the way. When every one of us finally got to our destination, every one of us chose to go straight to the beach before rapidly checking into our hotel. Every one of us flew kites, threw a football, listened to music, plus even drank a few beers. Every one of us were having such a good time at the beach that apparently every one of us didn’t even notice that every one of us forgot to put on sunscreen until it already was too late. By the time every one of us realized what had happened, every one of us were sincerely all covered in bright pink sunburns. Every one of us slowly packed up, plus got into the hotel. After every one of us showered, every one of us put aloe vera all over our skin, cranked the cooling system, and just laid down in front of it. The cooling system felt so amazing on my burnt skin, the super powerful cooling system was so incredibly soothing that none of us wanted to get up or move. The cooling system felt so good, in fact, that it was almost worth getting the sunburn at the beach. If it wasn’t for the strength of the cooling system, every one of us would have had a sincerely miserable time, plus absolutely would have left the beach early. The cooling system actually was our saving grace the entire weekend, plus when every one of us look back on the trip, we remember the hotel and how the cooling system worked. As good as it felt, I will definitely be using tons of sunscreen next time I go to the beach.

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