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Getting muscle cramps

I have been having some issues with my calf muscles cramping. The problem is much worse at night. When I go to bed, the pain will prevent me from sleeping. I’ve figured out that I need to keep a heating pad on my calves. To secure the heating pads in place, I tie them to my calves with pairs of tights. I Googled why this is happening and realized that it’s a combination of intensive workouts and not drinking enough water. I’ve needed to make some adjustments to the way I exercise. I workout seven days per week for at least an hour. I devote the majority of the time to high impact aerobics. I sometimes jump rope or run for the entire hour. The pounding is very hard on my joints and muscles. I now make more of an effort to include a thorough warm up and more deeply stretch my muscles. I concentrate especially on the calf muscles. I include lots of stretches where I keep my legs straight, flex my toes and wrap my hands around my feet. Before, during and after the workout, I make an effort to drink lots of water. Several days per week, I avoid high-intensity cardio. Instead, I focus on strength training. I might lift weights or go through various sets of push-ups, plank holds and abdominal crunches. I’ve seen some lessening of the cramps and pain in my calves. I’m sure it would help if I took some time off from working my legs completely. Resting the muscles would allow them to heal. I am unwilling to give up my workouts.

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