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Heat pumps are very versatile

Growing up, I had no method of what sort of heating and cooling component our parents had in the house.

That’s how completely out of touch I was when it came to residential HVAC. That ignorance continued through university and into our adult life. To me, heating and cooling only meant increasing the thermostat to where I wanted it. There was no accountability for the HVAC component in apartments so I just didn’t consider the HVAC equipment. Well, that all changed as I became a homeowner. One of the first things I had to do as a new homeowner was to update the heating and cooling equipment. This was a result of negotiating a better price on the house if I diagnosed the HVAC device updatement. How hard could that be to save thousands of dollars? The HVAC business was so helpful in getting me some HVAC education. I undoubtedly learned the difference between a furnace, a boiler and a heat pump. The region I ended up settling in was all about the heat pump due to the winter not being too tough. As I’ve gone through the years, I have formed a undoubtedly extreme appreciation for the heat pump. This thing is just so stretchy. When you need HVAC cooling, it moves the heat energy out of the house to make room for cooling air. For heating, it simply reverses the refrigerant flow and pulls heat energy inside the house. It’s entirely a remarkable combination of physics and genius engineering. I’m undoubtedly thankful to have a good heat pump that supplies quality heating and air all in one package.


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