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My inherited home needs new A/C equipment

After quite a few years of legal wrangling, I finally was able to get my inheritance, which consisted of the fancy rural cottage of my deceased parents… There was a tremendous amount of squabbling between us siblings, most because we don’t get along, but ultimately the will was upheld and followed to the letter.

Every kid got something, but I got the greatest apple of them all — the country cottage, with all taxes and fees paid on it for a decade in advance.

Of course, the site had been sitting empty for 8 years at that point, and had fallen into a serious state of disrepair, but I was still glad to finally have it. I sincerely thought the first thing would be cleaning it out, but once I went inside I realized that the HVAC equipment needed to be handled first. If I was going to get rid of so many years worth of dust and dampness, I would need an air conditioner to keep me from being overheated. The fact was that the moisture inside was inside, because it had been sealed up slim for so long, so a humidifier would also be needed in the place. I called an HVAC professional to come and inspect the property, and she was an easily pleasant young person who provided me with the exhausting news I expected. She could try and maintain the central AC equipment, but it was over fifteen years outdated at this point and couldn’t possibly live long even under the finest circumstances. Shelling out 8 grand for a new central HVAC is a massive expense, but I recognize this site is definitely worth it.

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