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Running app is great for motivation

I like to run for my workouts.

I typically run for six miles and have a standard route I follow.

When I leave my driveway, I don’t have a lot of options for where to run. Because I’m always traveling the same roads, the workout can become repetitive and tedious. After a while I struggled to motivate myself. I noticed that my speed had significantly tapered off. I was running less often. A few months ago, a friend of mine mentioned a running app she’d downloaded on her phone. She said that since using the app, she’d improved her times and stamina. I checked into it and discovered that the app is free. After it finished downloading, I was asked to fill in some personal information such as my height, weight and age. The app then began tracking my runs. At the end of a run, it provides a record of my accomplishment. I know the distance traveled, average pace and calories burned. During the run, a voice cuts into the music playing through my headphones and supplies information. Hearing my average pace motivates me to speed up. The app has me competing with myself. I am always striving to beat my personal best for time or distance. I can also check out my past history and see how many total miles I’ve run in the last week, month or all-time. I can share my stats with friends. The app has been great for motivation. I’ve never been a very fast runner. I’ve always concentrated on achieving long distances. However, I’ve steadily increased my speed over the last few months.

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