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Winning the raffle for the HVAC was awesome

Last week, I won a raffle that was being held by our local Heating and A/C device dealer… I never win anything, and so after I purchased the raffle ticket at 1 of our local market mornings, I basically forgot about the whole thing. However, a few weeks after that I ended up getting a call from an unknown number… Usually I don’t even answer those, but for some reason, this time I picked up the iphone. I’m really thrilled that I did, too, because it was the owner of the Heating and A/C contractor who had put on the raffle. The owner of the Heating and A/C contractor was calling me to inform me that I had won the raffle for the new heating and cooling device! I was shocked when she told me that… At first I thought that it was a prank call, although she was insistent that I was the winner and she even read the raffle numbers to me. When I realized for a fact that I had won the brand new high efficiency heating and cooling device, I almost cried with joy. I had been thinking about buying a new heating and cooling device for my household because my seasoned 1 just wasn’t laboring truly well anymore. When she called to deliver me the news, it took a bunch of worries off of my mind! Now, I’m just waiting for them to come and install it. I should have the new heating and cooling device installed and ready to go before the frosty season comes this year and I’m so happy about it. I still can’t easily believe that I won, but I’m thankful for the fact that I did!



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